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FURNIVAL was founded in 2011 based on our many years of experience in furniture distribution in the domestic and European markets. During this period we have created our own ideology of cooperation, which is one of the main assets in business relations with our partners. It is based on a properly understood form of cooperation, where both parties derive tangible benefits based on mutual loyalty and continuous improvement of the offer and quality of service.Professional approach to the distribution of our products ensures the continuous development of the company. Intensive observation of the market and the behavior of our customers allows us to respond almost immediately to their needs and present them with the kind of product they currently expect. We work in accordance with a thoroughly considered and proven sales policy, which is based on four solid foundations: loyalty, honesty, competence and respect for established principles. The circle of our customers is steadily growing, and we are growing with it. The high level of service to our contractors and reliable information definitely makes it easier for us to work with existing customers and to attract more satisfied customers. FURNIVAL's goal is to create such a sales network that will deliver our furniture wherever people want to see it. GOOD FURNITURE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE.

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