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Ideal mattresses are those that make you really sleep!

Very often we do not fully appreciate its role, and yet it is the right, well-chosen mattress that makes us able to function at full capacity throughout the day. Therefore, if we want to work really well and efficiently we should first think about getting a good night's sleep, and therefore look around for the right mattress for us. 

How important is it to sleep on the right mattress?


Finding the perfect mattress is really important, after all, one third of our lives practically everyone spends in bed. Whether you're looking for apocket mattress orfoam mattress, a traditional spring mattress or a gel mattress, you'll find plenty of luxurious sleeping solutions for a truly great night's sleep.

Single, double, king, small double, children's, small single, sofa, couch... there are so many options when it comes to beds, but the main focus should be on choosing for ourselves the best possible solution that will offer us fully slept nights. Of course, deciding on a bed size is easy. Finding one that fits your bedroom and decor is the part that really encourages you to think.

Folding sofas are ideal for guest rooms and living rooms, especially if you have regular guests. We make sure our sofas perform as well as individual sofas and beds, so you're guaranteed comfort, style and durability in whatever position it's in.

For bedrooms, however, we recommend buying a bed with a properly selected mattress. It is certainly the most important part of any bed, and there are so many different options to choose from that it can be surprisingly difficult to make a decision. Make a note of everything you expect from your bed. We have several types of springs to choose from, as well as memory foam mattresses, orthopedic mattresses and anti-allergic mattresses in case you need one for health reasons. Our main concern is, whether you will get a good night's sleep, we are just here to help you achieve that and make each of your nights truly blissful.


Different types of mattresses

Mattresses are mainly divided by what materials they are made of. Thus, we can mention, among others: latex mattressescoir mattressesfoam mattresses, pocket mattresses, thermoelastic mattresses and bondell mattresses. Some prefer to bet on naturalness and thus opt for a coconut mattress, while others who value comfort and the highest possible quality will choose a definitely more expensive, but in many ways more practical latex mattress. We can divide mattresses into two main subtypes, i.e.:

  • foam mattresses - flexible, modern, among which there are anti-allergic mattresses. However, to buy a good foam mattress you need to pay special attention to its manufacturer;
  • spring mattresses - these include pocket mattresses, whose construction is based on springs, but also much more technologically advanced Multi Pocket mattresses. Mattresses of this type usually have a higher firmness than foam ones and are suitable for bedrooms of people with a higher body weight. Among the cheapest of them, but also the least comfortable are bondell mattresses - the movement of the mattress on one side of the bed, will be felt on the other side, as it is a system of communicating vessels, moreover, they are very hard and unhygienic;
  • specialized mattresses - here it is especially worth noting rehabilitation mattressesorthopedic mattresses and anti-decubitus mattresses. These are health mattresses that are designed for people with certain problems to support them in recovering as quickly as possible.  


The right mattress - in this case, size matters too!

In addition to what kind of material and technology a particular mattress is made of, what also matters is the size of the mattress, firstly so that it fits into our space, and secondly so that it fits into our bed frame. Our store offers mattresses 90x200, 120x200, 160x200,140x200,180x200,120x200,200x220. If the space we can use for our bed is large enough, let's try to choose the largest bed and mattress possible. The more sleeping space we get for ourselves, the better we will sleep and we will certainly be much more comfortable. 


And what kind of mattresses for children to choose?

Many parents this question spends sleep as they worry about the development, spine and healthy sleep of their children. What kind of mattress for their kids' bed should they choose? Currently on the market there are very different mattresses for children, and choosing the right one is not at all as simple as it might seem. As reported in numerous studies, the neurological development of his child is very much related to what the quality of his sleep is. Healthy sleep is an essential condition for his health, well-being and adequate development. Thus, it is extremely important to purchase the right mattress for our child. 


Which mattress for our child will be appropriate - hard or soft?


Children's bones are still growing and developing intensively, and as a result their bodies need definitely more support than those of adults. Thus, probably a mattress that seems comfortable and suitable for sleeping to us, for a child will most likely be too soft. Consequently, for our child it is better to choose a mattress that will be firm and springy, so that his young bones will properly shape and grow. 

Comfort is one thing, but in this case it is the health and proper formation of a child's spine that matters most. Especially important for this is the choice of the right mattress. In our online store you will find the best mattresses for children, that will allow them to grow healthily and enjoy sleepy nights and full vitality. 


Mattresses is an issue that is extremely important because of the health and life of each of us. It affects the daily quality of our functioning. If we want to be full of energy and really sleepy we should pay more attention to choosing the right mattress, tailored to our individual needs. Let sleep become a daily ritual, a pleasure, and every night will be slept through, and our body will certainly regain its former vitality and will quickly thank us for it. We invite you to browse our store's offer and contact our consultants, who will be happy to help you make the best possible choice for a fully healthy sleep!


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