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Elegant and modern Kinas furniture


Functionality and aesthetics of living spaces play an important issue in modern interior design. Therefore, furniture manufacturers have a responsibility associated with the production of high-quality products that will respond to the broad needs of the market. In addition to modern and minimalist apartments, you can find those maintained in the classic style. The variety of architectural forms and ways of finishing interiors, translates into the need for a wide range of product offerings, available from furniture manufacturers. Kinas, through its experience and long-standing presence in the market, perfectly combines classic design with a modern touch, in the form of materials or colors. Thanks to this, the company's furniture makes the interiors look grand, very comfortable and cozy, and at the same time representative.

A wide selection of Kinas upholstered furniture


One of the priorities for furniture manufacturers is to maximize the use of furniture space. This means creating a functional product that is perfect as a lounge furniture, but also used for storage of various types of things. Therefore, upholstered furniture, including modern sofas, is a skillful combination of the free space that is created in the furniture with its functional use. A huge advantage, which can be seen in a large number of realizations, is the ability to combine color accents. A uniform plane is broken by straight lines, which emphasizes the shape of the furniture, and at the same time translates into an interesting composition.

Functional corner sofas for living room Kinas


The proper use of space in the living room is very important. On the one hand, many people want to keep the room spacious, on the other hand, it is necessary to use the right design elements. One of them is a corner sofa. Ultimately, it can be located in the corner of the room, allowing you to create a lounge area. However, modern arrangements are increasingly inclined to place the corner closer to the center of the room, accompanied by an elegant coffee table. Another advantage of corner sofas is their size. It allows the whole family to spend time together. Made of high-quality materials, Kinas products are a guarantee of durability.

Lounge and study armchairs


Single seats are also an excellent addition to areas such as a living room, study or room. They are very comfortable, so they facilitate relaxation. In the designs, reference to classic shapes is evident, but you can also find proposals maintained in modern design. As in the case of corner sofas, the armchairs use color accents to break the uniform color scheme. Another proposal are sofas. They have the ability to be used as beds, which in the case of small apartments is an added advantage. This makes it easier to accommodate guests. A huge advantage of the company is the possibility to order upholstered furniture on a customized basis. This allows the customer to be sure that the furniture he buys will meet his expectations one hundred percent. In addition, it will be created with a specific space in mind. Kinas has specialized in the production of upholstered furniture for many years. Thanks to modern working tools, extensive experience, as well as fresh, modern designs, it is one of the market leaders. Attention to detail, thoughtful compositions, maximum use of the usable area of furniture are elements that are very important in modern interior design.

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