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Mill furniture - traditional furniture in a modern way


Many manufacturers follow the latest trends, offer their customers very modern, maintained in the characteristic style of modernist furniture. However, it is also important to market more classic forms, whose number of supporters is still very large. This is also due to the fact that real estate is traded on the secondary market, or the need to refresh individual properties, including in terms of furnishings. Therefore, the Hammer company specializes in the production of furniture based on classic looks, but with attention to their modernity. In this way, a line of very versatile products was created, which can be successfully placed in various types of spaces.

Elegant living room furniture


Adequate development of an area such as a living room requires the use of furniture that will provide this room with functionality and a representative appearance. This is due to the fact that most often guests are received precisely in the living room. Therefore, the aesthetics of the furniture play an important issue. It is also important to combine the representative function with the lounge area. Modern living room design, in part, is also dictated by the type of RTV equipment that can be found in it. Therefore, in addition to glazed bookcases, it is important to arrange space for the TV and use furniture that will allow the whole family to enjoy screenings of favorite movies or series. In the projects of the company Młot Meble, it can be seen that the manufacturer has achieved mastery in achieving a specific visual effect through the manipulation of furniture colors. The same solutions, available in both light color and darker, behave completely differently. Dark furniture appears massive and sizable, while light furniture appears light and slender. Therefore, the same product line, created, however, in a different color scheme, can be used in different types of rooms and at the same time blend in with the tastes of more customers.

Bedroom furniture


Also here the manufacturer offers ready-made solutions, in the form of furniture sets. As a result, a customer who decides on a particular solution gets a comprehensive bedroom furnishing. This translates into consistency and aesthetics of the room. The Hammer company, in its products, uses only the highest quality materials. They are sourced from manufacturers who have a solid position in the market, so that, the end result of such cooperation, are furniture of the highest quality, very refined also in terms of details.

Modern cabinets by Hammer


This functional piece of furniture has a wide range of applications. It is successfully used in dressing rooms and bedrooms, as well as hallways. Therefore, the manufacturer offers different solutions in terms of size. Sliding closets work well in the bedroom. An additional advantage is that one of the wings is equipped with a mirror, which provides the whole with greater functionality. It is also worth, on the occasion of sliding closets, to take care of appropriate spot lighting.


Mill Furniture - why wato?


This company has been operating in the furniture market for many years. During this time it has developed its work unit to a considerable extent. Currently, it uses high-quality carpentry machines that allow it to create furniture that is very durable and refined in terms of details. Experience in the furniture industry, combined with an openness to new ideas, translates into elegant and functional furniture, which is created for the comprehensive development of living space.

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