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Innovative solutions, classic forms - Femix


This company has been on the market for 25 years. During this period it has successfully developed not only the technology of furniture production, but also the technological base itself. The use of high quality machinery and carpentry tools, stylistic intuition, which manifests itself in the introduction of innovative products to the market, tailored to the needs of customers at the same time, is the hallmark of Femix.


Elegant and modern - Femix chairs


The manufacturer's offer may surprise you with its diversity. A very bold, even innovative approach to the production of furniture translates into very distinctive models. The manufacturer is aware of the diversity in architectural styles, which is currently very strong. At the same time, a contemporary trend is visible, which refers to minimalism and industrial spaces. Therefore, Femix, which wants to create solutions for modern times, has achieved mastery in combining styles, as well as creating their individual representatives. In addition to the typically classic, decorated chairs, you can find modern models with an interesting design. What distinguishes this manufacturer from others is, first of all, the avant-garde and rare ability to combine bold colors with natural materials. Also very characteristic are all kinds of motifs on the upholstery, which are an interesting break from the common, uniform upholstery.

A wide selection of Femix tables


Also in this sector, the manufacturer's ability to create modern, high-quality objects suited to minimalist spaces is evident, as well as its experience in creating pieces that are more versatile and suited to classic interiors. Through this kind of approach, the manufacturer manages to reach more customers. The simultaneous creation of very elegant, modern furniture, based on new ideas and arrangements of already existing pieces, and relying on the experience acquired throughout the company's history, translates into a very original product offering. Femix tables include furniture both tailored for dining rooms, where the whole family can eat a meal, as well as smaller solutions, referring to coffee tables. In many cases, customers can be surprised by their design, precision of detail, as well as ergonomic shape.


Interior design sets


Besides individual products, it is also possible to purchase ready-made sets, most often dedicated to spaces such as dining rooms. However, furniture such as table and chairs have their uses not only in residential spaces. They can be successfully used in catering establishments, while providing an additional decorative element. They are great for catering lodges or banquet halls. Stylistically diverse proposals will make it easier to choose a specific proposal that will perfectly fit into the space, while at the same time complementing it.

Why is it worth buying furniture from Femix?


A manufacturer with a wealth of experience, which uses high-quality materials, modern working tools, cares about the smallest detail and creates modern furniture - this is the Femix company. The ability to combine elements of simple form with more fanciful ones, as well as an excellent sense of color translates into beautiful and amazing furniture proposals. For many years, with great success, the company has been providing the market with furniture that is a symbol of its time. Aesthetic considerations go hand in hand with the durability and functionality of the products.

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