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Because of the varied requirements of users, the vast majority of modern beds are adapted to be fitted with two separate frames, each tailored to the individual needs of the user. In our offer you will find different types of frames - from simple, frameless frames, through standard wood-frame frames, to electrically adjustable ones. When choosing the perfect frame for your bedroom, be guided primarily by the size of the bed, your body weight and your own individual preferences. For beds with a container are dedicated special stands on a metal frame, often already included in the set.

EASYPACK frame 80x200
Electric rack 80x200
Straight rack 80x200
Straight rack 90x200
Straight Frame 120x200
Adjustable Frame 90x200
Adjustable Frame 100x200
Adjustable Frame 120x200
Electric rack 90x200
EASYPACK 90x200 frame
EASYPACK 140x200 frame
EASYPACK 160x200 frame
EASYPACK frame 180x200
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