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Gabi Meble

Get to know a reputable manufacturer of children's room furnishings! Gabi Furniture is a brand operating in the furniture industry for years, valued in many countries. The company offers a wide range of products that will allow you to modernly and functionally furnish any room for a young family member. Check out the offer of our online store - sofas, sofas, corner sofas, couches and beds - and you are sure to find something for your child.

Gabi Furniture - comfortable couches for children and teenagers


The design of the products combines modernity and functionality, abounding in both simple, minimalist forms and more decorative, sophisticated designs. We supply some of Gabi Furniture's best-selling goods - children's couches.

All couches are designed with the comfort of the growing user in mind, so they take into account a variety of sizes and configurations. This convertible piece of furniture is the perfect solution for children who often host their friends. The ability to quickly transform the couch means that it can be used as a comfortable sofa during the day, and at night it can be transformed into a bed.

Gabi Furniture - children's beds for colorful dreams


The collection of sleeping equipment is designed to provide comfort and rest for the youngest. The store offers models made of high-quality materials. Wooden beds have rounded edges, while the sturdy construction of frame models with rails guarantees every child a peaceful sleep.

The products are available on the website in a variety of colors and designs that are sure to interest your little one and make spending time in the room even more enjoyable. Their design is colorful and fun, often inspired by fairy tale motifs, which creates a friendly and stimulating environment for rest and play.

Gabi Furniture also offers children's bunk beds or double first floor models. This is ideal for siblings who share a room, as it saves a lot of space. In our online store you will also find multifunctional models with drawers for bedding, a desk or shelves for books.


Gabi Furniture sofas and couches - elegance and comfort in one


These are seats designed to support proper posture. Gabi Furniture's upholstered sofas, like couches and beds, are made of durable materials, so they look elegant and are resistant to wear and tear.

Our online store offers sofas and couches in a variety of styles, allowing you to easily match your child's individual preferences. The models provide comfortable use, and are therefore perfect for a relaxation corner.

Standard sofas and corner sofas are a practical addition to a child's room, but can also be a great decorative accent, adding fun and color to any space.

Corners by Gabi Furniture - versatility in your home


Are you one of the supporters of multifunctional solutions? The corner sofas offered by Gabi Meble are a practical and decorative addition to any interior. Charming sofas with an interesting shape will be an excellent decoration of any children's room.

Soft and pleasant to the touch corner sofas will provide your little one with a comfortable rest and moments of relaxation. They can be used in the living room, bedroom or child's room, where they will serve as a seat and bed in one. Browse the catalog of the online store to find a convenient corner sofa model.


Gabi Furniture - offer for children


Many of the products in the collection are also system models, which enrich the offer with additional elements, making it possible to comprehensively furnish a youth room according to the needs and requirements of the users. We assure you that sofas, sofas, couches and corner sofas Gabi Meble, which you will find in our online store, will hit the taste and aesthetic preferences of your children.

Check out products from a brand valued for quality, variety and design. The collection emphasizes safety and creativity. Corner sofas, couches, sofas, beds and couches from Gabi Furniture are a combination of ergonomics and aesthetics, so they will add versatility and a modern touch to your child's room.

The brand's products are designed to be versatile and modern.

Don't wait any longer! Check out the full range on our website with your little one and order the perfect model from the store to create a unique space for sleep and play.

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